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As a measure of confidentiality towards our clients, we choose not to disclose their identities on our website.We will be happy to provide references over email.Please contact us using the form provided.


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“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

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"Financial freedom is freedom from fear."

Vikas Kumar Baid

Vikas Kumar Baid
Managing Partner

Vikash co-founded Trust Capital in 2016, with an aim to provide transparent and client-centric wealth advisory services. Trust Capital has since then helped clients establish their life goals so that they are able to lead more well-rounded lives. Vikash's passion for finance and entrepreneurship is evident from his Executive MBA in the same field from Indian Institute of Management (Kolkata). He has over a decade of experience in the Broking and wealth management space - a highly demanding role in which he excelled. Before establishing Trust Capital, he held high-performance roles in HSBC and IL&FS Investmart to oversee investment advisory and relationship management for high net worth clients. Vikash aims to fill a void in the financial markets for unbiased financial advice.He says"Your Success is our Success".

Sundeep Mohta

Sundeep Mohta
Managing Partner

Sundeep is the Managing Partner at Trust Capital. With more than a decade of experience in the financial services industry, he is committed to helping clients preserve their legacies, pursue their financial goals and navigate the markets through both good and uncertain times. Sundeep works with clients to develop clear, sophisticated strategies to help them achieve their objectives. He monitors the investment landscape and the latest trends to help optimize appropriate financial solutions for clients’ portfolios. Additionally, he is responsible for the oversight of the practice's culture and commitment to providing clients with an excellent service experience.
Sundeep’s approach to solving issues is client centric and solution oriented. He says,
“For our clients, we play the role of a financial doctor to diagnose their financial health and prescribe suitably, it should never be the other way around.”

Seema Bhatter Baid

Seema Bhatter Baid
Managing Partner

Seema believes that financial planning is the best way to make seemingly impossible money dreams come true. She also believes passionately that women cannot be empowered in the true sense of the word unless they are financially empowered. She graduated with a BA in business administration and began her career in financial services in early 2008 at Kotak Securities Ltd.
Seema is highly experienced in guiding clients through the complex details of financial planning, retirement planning, and wealth services. In addition to her customer service and administrative support, Seema is instrumental in contributing to our firm’s development and service goals. Seema is a strong advocate of continuous learning. She says,
“Always be learning – even the experts will tell you that the more you know, the more there is to learn."


Trust capital offers an unmatched product basket, ranging from Debt, Equity, Mutual Funds, Insurance, Derivatives, Commodities, Structured Products, International Funds, Art Funds and Real Estate.Trust Capital was set up to cater to HNIs, keeping in mind that they require a different kind of financial planning and management. Our services include planning and protection of finances, planning of business and retirement needs, and a host of other services, which will help augment their existing as well as future finances and lifestyle. We combine a hard-nosed business approach with a soft touch of personalized attention and dedicated customer care.
Our research reports have been widely appreciated by the HNI segment. The delivery and support modules have been fine-tuned by giving our clients access to online portfolio information, constant updates on their portfolios as well as value-added advice on portfolio churning, sector switches, etc.


- Mutual Funds
- Portfolio Management Services
- Bonds
- Alternate Investment Funds
- Estate Planning
- Equity Advisory
- Structured Products


Benjamin Franklin once wrote that “By failing to prepare, we are preparing to fail”.- Goal Based Planning Services
- Tax Planning Services
- Cash Flow Planning Services
- Retirement Planning Services
- Education Planning Services


As a wealth manager, we collate the relevant financial information and life goals of the client, assess his risk tolerance level, examine his current financial status, and identify a strategy to fulfill his goals.It is not how exotic your portfolio is but how well it is structured to meet your objectives and give you regular returns whatever the economic environment.


"Give us four hours a year, and never worry about your finances again!"

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Trust Capital’s credo is built on 8 pillars that guide our work each day.
- 1. We treat your money like it is ours – dedicating the time and energy to your funds as we would our own
- 2. We look at things long term and are committed to building durable, long-term relationships with our customers, employees and associates
- 3. We do not set personal or organizational goals that are not aligned with what we would like for our customers
- 4. We do not wish to create wealth for ourselves at the expense of our customers
- 5. We do not think our relationships with our customers are short term and to be milked for what they are worth while it lasts
- 6. We will not churn your portfolios or recommend products we don’t feel are optimal just to make a bit of extra commissions
- 7. We do not believe in managing and motivating our advisors purely on revenue targets
- 8. We do not believe in pushing the limits of what is permissible by law or regulation


There are more than 2000 mutual fund schemes available today from over 40 mutual fund companies. It can be confusing to narrow down on a mutual fund which is a strong performer in a category depending on your need.
Our proprietary model, Trust Selector, makes this whole process of picking schemes simple for you.
- Sieves and separates the top performers from non-performers.
- Enables you to choose the most ideal schemes, based on your risk appetite and goals.
- Separates schemes based on their investment objective into different categories.
- Rates schemes across 16 different parameters, including risk, returns, fundamentals and portfolio.
- Publishes ranks for more than 1000 schemes every month.
- Maps ranks to schemes in your portfolio, so you know which funds need attention.